Choosing a Real Estate Lawyer in Sarnia

When purchasing a home or farm, one of the important decisions is to find a lawyer who you can trust to ensure the transaction goes smoothly. There are a number of factors to look for in a lawyer, beyond pricing. The following tips should help you choose a lawyer in Sarnia who will work for you:

  1. Start Early – Don’t wait until you make an offer to start looking for a law firm to represent you. Do your homework early, even before you begin looking at homes or farms to purchase.
  2. Look for experience – Not only for how long the firm has been around, but experience in the kind of transaction you are dealing with. A lawyer who deals mostly in urban homes may not know as much about buying or selling farms.
  3. Get other’s recommendations – Ask your friends if they’ve used a local law firm, and who in that firm they’ve used. Get their opinion of that lawyer and then judge for yourself.
  4. Go online – (As you’re already online reading this!) Search locally and compare what services each law firm brings.
  5. Interview – Call a law firm and ask them about their services for real estate transactions. Ask how many closings they do each month, what their rates are, and more importantly ask for referrals.
  6. Read the fine print before signing – A lawyer should give you an ‘engagement letter’ or ‘retainer letter’ in which it tells you what services will be offered for your purchase/sale. Be sure you have no questions that aren’t answered before signing.

At Fazio Law, we believe in clients coming first. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your real estate questions. We are here for you.