7 Things to Know Home Sellers on Closing Day

1. Make sure your lawyer has a copy of any mortgage, property survey, deed and current property tax bills. You should have received these from your lawyer when you originally bought the house.

2. Do not cancel your household insurance policy until you have heard that the deal has closed. Also, if you plan on moving out more than 30 days before closing, you need to notify your insurance comapny that the home will be vacant. This way, you will still be covered if anything happens in the home up to the closing date.

3. Be sure to cancel any pre-authorized or postdated checks at your bank, to make sure you don’t pay for anything after closing.

4. Schedule to have all your utility meters read on the day of closing. That way you will only be responsible for your share of utilities. Also notify your cable & phone provider so that your service can be disconnected on time. If your house is heated with an oil tank(common on farms), you need to make arrangements to fill the tank on the closing day.

5. You will visit your lawyer a few days before closing to sign the papers. Make sure you give 1 set of keys to give to your lawyer, which will be passed on to buyer’s lawyer at closing.

6. As you have to be out of the property when it closes. Try to arrange to move out before 5 p.m. to give the buyers time to take over that day.